George Scorsis – One of the pillars of Liberty Health Sciences

May 03, 2019
George Scorsis has an extensive background in managing businesses in the highly regulated industry. He has been one of the executives of companies that have something to do with the energy drink, alcoholic beverage, and medical cannabis. One of the highly reputable companies he has worked with was Liberty health Sciences. He was the CEO and director of the company.

Liberty Health Sciences is a company that provides high-quality cannabis for medical cannabis users. As a leader of Liberty Health Sciences, George Scorsis made sure that the company remains true to its commitment to deliver only the best quality cannabis for medical users. He also made it a point that the company will grow both in business scope and revenue.

Liberty Health Sciences’ achievements under his leadership

Under the leadership of George Scorsis, Liberty Health Sciences has experienced massive growth. The company has opened three new cannabis education center dispensaries in Florida. It has free 24-hour delivery service throughout the state. With this, premium medical cannabis product is made readily accessible to customers throughout the state. George made sure that the company is laser-focused on creating only the best operation for future growth and the strategy of being the best provider of top quality medical cannabis in one of the largest states in America.

George Scorsis’ focused on areas with limited licenses for producing medical cannabis but have the most qualifying conditions. It is also under his leadership that Liberty Health Sciences has opened Liberty 360 degree Innovation Campus. It served as the cultivation hub of the company in the state of Florida.

There are so many companies out there that produce medical cannabis but what sets Liberty Health Sciences apart from the rest is its dedication and commitment to look after the best interest of its consumers. More than the marketing aspect, the company gives more importance to the operation. That way, it will be able to remain true to its promise and that is to deliver only the best medical cannabis products to consumers.

George Scorsis has led the company to success. In fact, he is not only a big help to Liberty Health Sciences but as well to every company he works with. George was also the President of Red Bull Canada for more than four years. He was the chairman of the board of directors of Scythian Biosciences Corporation, president of Mettrum Health Corporation, and helped Health Canada in creating guidelines for the energy drink.